The National Football Museum’s Bold Rebrand Reflects Football’s Cultural Importance

The National Football Museum, as part of the 2024 Euros and an impending transformation, has undergone a remarkable brand revamp. The rebrand aims to emphasize the profound importance of football in English culture and to reflect the museum’s new direction as it evolves towards 2030. Let’s explore the inspiring rebranding journey of the National Football Museum and the powerful message it conveys.

The National Football Museum's Bold Rebrand Reflects Football's Cultural Importance

A Pitch-Perfect Identity for the Future

Poke Marketing, the creative powerhouse behind this audacious rebrand has kicked off a new era for the museum that’s as bold as a last-minute equalizer. Poke Marketing’s approach to the rebrand was driven by the brand idea ‘Football Matters’, designed to spotlight football’s multifaceted and vital role in society. This succinct phrase encapsulates the sport’s intricate role in society. Beyond being a game, football represents collective joy, evokes emotions, and leaves an indelible impact. Poke’s managing director, Nicola Docking emphasizes the museum’s mission: to house and harness football’s power, share influential stories, showcase culture, and inspire creative participation. The agency sought to create an identity that resonates with both internal and external audiences, one that is future-proof and capable of evolving alongside football’s constant progression. The new logo, inspired by the shape of the museum building, cleverly incorporates a ‘goal’ graphic device, symbolizing the essence of football. At the same time, the color palette communicates the energy and diversity of the sport.

The National Football Museum's Bold Rebrand Reflects Football's Cultural Importance

Crafting Impactful Communication

Poke Marketing developed a new tone of voice that mirrors the in-museum experience, engaging visitors of all backgrounds. With a diverse audience, including international visitors, the copy strikes a balance between simplicity and impact. It is punchy, easy to understand, and designed to resonate with visitors of all ages, from families with little ones to the older generation who have followed the museum like their own team. Two typefaces—Area by Blaze Type and Halyard by Darden Studio—form the museum’s new identity. These fonts, chosen for accessibility and flexibility, convey boldness, warmth, honesty, and empathy. The copy, too, adopts a fresh tone—one that mirrors the team’s in-museum conversations. It exudes confidence without arrogance, subtly acknowledging the National Football Museum’s responsibility as a heritage institution and its position in the city of Manchester and beyond.

The National Football Museum's Bold Rebrand Reflects Football's Cultural Importance

A Full-Time Whistle on Stereotypes

In a move that deserves a standing ovation, the rebrand tackles the diversity challenge head-on. The new photography style, captured by Manchester’s own Bill Wright, showcases real visitors and their authentic experiences, highlighting the museum’s role in bringing people together through their shared love of the game. The copy strikes a delicate balance between inspiration and aspiration, ensuring that everyone from wide-eyed youngsters to seasoned supporters feels part of the story. It’s a masterclass in communication that acknowledges the museum’s heritage while embracing its future.

The National Football Museum's Bold Rebrand Reflects Football's Cultural Importance
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Final Thoughts

The National Football Museum’s audience spans the globe, welcoming visitors from overseas. Their rebranding journey is more than a visual overhaul—it’s a celebration of football’s enduring impact. As the museum evolves, its new identity stands as a testament to the beautiful game’s significance in English culture. As the National Football Museum unveils its new look, it’s clear that this rebrand is more than just a fresh coat of paint. It’s a game-changer that celebrates football’s enduring impact on our lives.

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