Unifying Brands: Banyan Tree Group to Rebrand as “Banyan Group”

The Banyan Tree Group is set for rebranding and will be called the ‘Banyan Group’. This is the company’s strategy to distinguish the original Banyan Tree from recent additions to its portfolio. The Banyan Tree Group has a presence in 22 countries and boasts more than 60 spas and galleries, 75 hotels and resorts, and 14 branded residencies. 19 new properties and residences are scheduled to open in Mexico, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, and South Korea in 2024.

Ren Yung Ho, senior vice president of brand and commercial at Banyan Group, said the umbrella brand “Banyan Group” serves to unify all brands under one umbrella, streamlining and reducing confusion. He said rebranding emphasizes the group’s positioning as a corporate brand – distinct from a consumer brand.

Banyan Tree Group Opens Riverside Hotel In Indonesia's Yogyakarta

“As Banyan Group celebrates our collective success over the last 30 years, we also recognize that the progress can’t stop here. The core beliefs and values that have guided Banyan Group to this milestone will continue to underpin our growth strategy as we remain dedicated to being a force for positive change for both people and the planet.” He said there are no immediate plans for additional brands. “The existing breadth is designed to encompass the diverse preferences and requirements of the target audience.

Eddy See, president and CEO of Banyan Group, said almost half of all countries the company operates in, carry a multi-branded presence, high-growth travel destinations. “With a keen eye on expansion, we are seizing new opportunities with our distinct brands, designed to meet evolving traveler preferences and needs in these dynamic markets.

The Banyan Group is also inclined towards the environment. It is set to develop a 2030 Sustainability Roadmap, aimed at environmental and human capital development.

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