smol’s Tale of the Plastic-Vomiting Washing Machine: A Campaign

An independent laundry and cleaning brand, smol strives to reignite the anti-plastic cause by encouraging the switch to laundry capsules in plastic-free packaging.

To hit the message home, smol has come up with a dramatic campaign with Mother and Drool – “A VOMITING WASHING MACHINE”. The sickened washing machine throws up laundry plastic. It entertains and draws attention to the problem.

Hillary Strong, CMO of smol, said people are aware of the need to reduce their plastic waste, but few dwell on laundry. “At smol, we’re proud of pioneering the UK’s first plastic-free laundry capsule packaging, and known that if everyone in the UK switched to smol, we’d prevent 70 million plastic laundry packs going to landfill every year.”

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Strong said the campaign aims to introduce smol to an audience fatigued by anti-plastic messaging with a  humorous, attention-grabbing concept – a washing machine that vomits the plastic waste it’s likely to get through in this lifetime.

Oli Rimoldi, Creative at Mother, said they deployed a playful metaphor to dramatize the shocking amount of laundry plastic waste the UK goes through attempts to sidestep the inertia in this market. They hope the plastic vomiting machine will make people smile whilst drawing their attention to the plastic problem, offering them an easy, simple solution to make change with smol.

Jen Smith of Craft Media said the media plan is designed to drive cut through and notice by leaning into smol’s challenger brand personality, with balanced channels, and a buying approach that signals quality and drives familiarity.

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Nandika Chand