Meta Platforms Helps Marketers Use AI to Run Campaigns

Meta AI Campaigns

Marketers can run campaigns more efficiently with Meta Platforms’ new advertising products that use artificial intelligence (AI). In recent years, Meta has highlighted its enthusiasm for AI. Earlier this year, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, announced that it is looking to add AI into its current services such as WhatsApp and Messenger. Mark […]

PicsArt’s New AI-Powered ‘Adpilot’ is Changing the Way Brands Create Ads


Are you tired of spending countless hours and resources on creating social media advertisements for your business? Look no further than AI-powered platforms like Picsart‘s Adpilot. Picsart has launched ‘Adpilot’, as a platform that leverages the power of AI to generate on-brand social media advertisements quickly and affordably. The platform is designed to cater to […]

Shopping with Klarna’s AI-Powered Personal Shopper

Swedish Fintech company, Klarna, has recently launched a major redesign of its mobile app, bringing new features including AI-powered for retailers, creators, and shoppers. With a year of steady growth in user base and revenue, the update aims to improve the shopping experience for its users. Here’s a closer look at what Klarna’s new features […]

KitKat Takes A Break, Deploys AI for New Ad Campaign

For its new ad campaign, KitKat has used generative AI to write scripts, graphics, voiceovers etc. Wunderman Thompson, a New York-based global marketing communications agency, used briefs like “Write a KitKat ad the way Gen Z speaks”, “Write a KitKat ad about gamers” and “Write a KitKat ad about the latest trends” to write scripts. […]

Conquering Sensory Chaos: How Samsung’s Unhear App Helps People With Autism?

Samsung Electronics Iberia and Cheil Worldwide Spain have launched Unfear, a groundbreaking AI-powered app that filters out specific sounds to protect and calm people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Unlike noise-canceling headphones that block out all sounds, Unfear works in real-time to reduce the volume of trigger sounds, enabling people with autism to stay connected […]

Revolutionizing Audio Ads: Discover Instreamatic’s Contextual Audio Ads

The digital advertising industry is facing a challenge in engaging consumers with traditional ad types. Consumers are becoming more resistant to generalized advertising that relies on bombarding audiences with ad quantity to earn conversions. However, Instreamatic‘s advanced AI marketing solution has come up with a solution to this challenge. They have launched Contextual Audio Ads, […]

Nvidia Reveals New Research that Explains How AI Can Improve Chip Design

Nvidia Reveals New Research that Explains How AI Can Improve Chip Design

Nvidia has highlighted in its latest research paper that it can use a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to find better ways to place big groups of transistors. Researchers used reinforcement learning and added a second layer of AI on top of it to get better results. Bill Dally, Nvidia chief scientist, said the […]

Shoptalk 2023: The Ultimate Gathering of Retail Leaders

Shoptalk 2023, the renowned retail and e-commerce conference, which was being held virtually for the past two years due to COVID-19  returned for an in-person event this year from March 26th-29th at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas has concluded. With over 275 C-level speakers and 10,000 attendees, Shoptalk 2023 covered the latest innovations in […]

Ogilvy’s CCO Talks Rankings and AI in Advertising

Ogilvy’s CCO Talks Rankings and AI in Advertising

Liz Taylor is one of the top-ranked chief creative officers in the business following Ogilvy being recognized for its commercials and best agency network ranking in The Drum’s Creative Rankings. She revealed that Ogilvy no longer functions as a series of regional fiefs that leave executives bumping elbows to get the right people on the […]