Building an Indispensable Brand: Why Taking Action in Marketing Matters

Building an Indispensable Brand

Building an Indispensable Brand: Why Taking Action in Marketing Matters In the current unpredictable business climate, it’s typical for leaders to exercise caution with their marketing budgets. However, even a brief period of inaction can eventually lead to greater costs for the business and the brand, rather than saving money. Marketers have a responsibility to […]

Balenciaga’s Holiday Ad Campaign Sparked Controversy

Balenciaga Brand The Change

How it started? Balenciaga, the fashion house, released its holiday ad campaign earlier this month, featuring children holding teddy bears in bondage harnesses. the brand "Balenciaga" just did a uh….. interesting… photoshoot for their new products recently which included a very purposely poorly hidden court document about 'virtual child porn' normal stuff — shoe […]

8 Car Brand Logo Meanings You Probably Haven’t Explored Much

Car Logo Brand The Change

Vehicle emblems have emerged as beacons of status and personality nowadays. Owners, body of workers, and enthusiasts even are engaged and identified to put on lapel pins, and cuff-hyperlinks with automobile logo logos. Some vehicle badges are so sought-after, human beings have even resorted to stealing them in the past. Here are some meanings behind […]

Climate Change: How Can Brands Do the Needful in the Context of COP27?

Brand the Change climate change

The establishment and operationalization of a loss and damage fund was the historic conclusion of the 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27), which was held in the Egyptian beach city of Sharm el-Sheikh, on November 20. According to the findings of this year’s research conducted on […]

Sonic Branding: The brand experience that ‘Sounds Good’ beyond Ads

sonic branding brand the change

Emotions are evoked by the sounds we associate with a brand, for better or worse. Sound is a powerful way to give a brand experience depth and continuity, whether it’s digital or physical, familiar or unfamiliar, unexpected or on demand. In recent years, the concept of expressing a logo through audio: Sonic Branding — has […]

Metaverse: A New Era for Global Marketing Global Marketing

Brand the Change Metaverse:

The digital marketing space is on a great leap and Metaverse technology is making this happen by giving a whole new look by creating a virtual world of opportunities for marketing. Due to the rapid advancement of the digital sphere, it makes sense to embrace the latest method of marketing. By utilising the technology, companies […]

FIFA World Cup 2022 : Brings in the World Class Brands for Celebration at Qatar


A BRAND BUILDING WORLD EVENT FIFA World Cup 2022, is going to be a multibillion-dollar spectacle that promises to be unlike any other World Cup ever held. Thanks to the tournament’s passionate fans and diverse viewership, the FIFA World Cup remains an tremendous sponsorship opportunity for global brands. FIFA has devised a careful strategy for […]

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2022: A Circuit of Brands

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2022: A Circuit of Brands Brand The Change

Formula 1 car races have always been an event of brand showcasing and sponsorship since time immemorial. Car Brands like Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, Aston Martin, etc. were the prominent participants in the race. It also is a business opportunity for several car accessory traders mainly tire and oil companies. Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix […]

FIFA World Cup 2022: Brands to Watch

FIFA WORLD CUP 2022: BRANDS TO WATCH brand the change

Fifa World Cup 2022 will be held in Qatar starting from November 21, and many large companies see this as an opportunity to promote their products and boost their business prospects. I think the following sponsors will have a huge presence at FIFA World Cup 2022:   Hisense Hisense will be able to connect with […]