FIFA World Cup 2022 : Brings in the World Class Brands for Celebration at Qatar


A BRAND BUILDING WORLD EVENT FIFA World Cup 2022, is going to be a multibillion-dollar spectacle that promises to be unlike any other World Cup ever held. Thanks to the tournament’s passionate fans and diverse viewership, the FIFA World Cup remains an tremendous sponsorship opportunity for global brands. FIFA has devised a careful strategy for […]

Qatar 2022: A subtle kick escalating Sports Tourism in Qatar

The well-celebrated football fever FIFA 2018 made its showdown by passing the torch to Qatar. Russian President Vladimir Putin bestowed the beacon on the much awaiting World Cup in 2022. And with that, the 22nd edition of FIFA will showcase in the city of Qatar in the year 2022. Now Qatar is transforming itself to […]

Global brands made shootouts on FIFA

The 2018 Russia FIFA world cup was not only the cup of tea for football fanatics, but also for several brands in taking a huge step ahead in their promotion. A global event with international influences could get deeply strategized by the brands for their promotion and this is what happened when the football fever […]