Meta Platforms Helps Marketers Use AI to Run Campaigns

Meta AI Campaigns

Marketers can run campaigns more efficiently with Meta Platforms’ new advertising products that use artificial intelligence (AI). In recent years, Meta has highlighted its enthusiasm for AI. Earlier this year, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, announced that it is looking to add AI into its current services such as WhatsApp and Messenger. Mark […]

A Foot Print of Change: Burberry Debuts New Equestrian Knight Logo on Shoe Soles

Burberry Equestrian Knight Logo

Burberry, the iconic British luxury fashion house, has unveiled a new logo for its shoes. The new logo, an equestrian knight, is embossed on the soles of the shoes in a bright electric blue. Burberry has undergone a significant transformation under the creative direction of Daniel Lee. After taking over from Riccardo Tisci, Lee is […]

Meta Offers Immersive Experiences and AR Filters to Advertisers

Meta pitches augmented reality

Meta is bringing augmented reality (AR) to Reel Ads and Facebook Stories as part of its pitch to advertisers. This allows brands like Tiffany & Co., and Sephora among others to offer more immersive experiences and AR filters when marketing to Meta’s audience. Meta is also rolling out other enhancements and improvements to Reels ads […]

IGTV : The revolution on its way

Instagram - IGTV : The revolution on its way

Instagram is the new trend in advertising marketing for businesses, and with the new IGTV facility, it’s going to be a ground-breaking advantage to the companies all over the Instagram platform! A self-containing Application named IGTV is making revolution while sticking together with Instagram in streaming long interval videos. Videos issued on this platform will […]