YouTube Ups Incentive for Advertisers to Use Shorts and Drive Monetization

Seeing the boom in short-form video segments, YouTube is set to use it to its advantage by incentivizing it for advertisers and driving the platform’s monetization. YouTube announced new ways to introduce Shorts into awareness campaigns to reach highly engaged audiences. The platform is expanding Shorts into Video reach campaigns, which use Google AI to […]

Netflix’s Ad Plan Gains Momentum, Reaches 1mn Monthly US Users: Report

Netflix's - Watch TV Shows Online, Watch Movies Online

Netflix’s ad plan, which launched in November 2022, has reached about one million monthly US users. User base grew by 500 percent in the month after launch and other 50 percent in its second month. According to the Bloomberg report, this statistics is at least a month old and the one million monthly active users […]

Broadcast Yourself: YouTube Design Hits the Refresh Button

“Give everyone a voice, and show them the world,” YouTube has grown beyond a video-sharing website. The brand emotes the freedom of opportunity and expression. It has build communities and a trendy platform with its motto ‘freedom to belong’. The internet’s most popular video hosting site that boasts of subscriptions over 1.5 billion monthly users […]