Top 10 Brands on Twitter

With more than 320 million active users and a billion registered users, Twitter is second to only Facebook when it comes to engagement. The ability to concisely present thoughts on the spot and get instant feedback has truly gotten masses (and brands) hooked to this social media phenomenon. Apart from being a great platform to showcase the personality of your brand, Twitter is a great way to know how your brand is being perceived by your target audience in real time. Here is a list of top 10 brands who are getting the most out of Twitter.


PlayStation (@PlayStation)

Number of followers: 13.7 million

Number of tweets: 23 237

Looking at PlayStation’s account, you will wonder why you haven’t bought a PS yet if you don’t have one. The stars of the account are the hundreds of characters you can be in the games played on the PS. The high quality of and details given in the image and video posts will surely transport you away from this humble Earth. Most of the posts rake in 500 likes, while an impressive number of posts also receive more than 2000 likes.  


Number of followers: 12.8 million

Number of tweets: 1479

Every ‘It Girl’ in this world, both past and present, is featured in this account. This strategy helps the brand to reach the widest range of fashionistas, yet maintain premiumness through its artistic imageries and selective range of colours. Chanel must be doing something right if its monochromatic posts get more than a thousand likes. Chanel knows its products are not just about the clothes – clients are looking for a specific lifestyle. The brand has smartly avoided posting just the clothes in this account.

Samsung Mobile (@SamsungMobile)

Number of followers: 12.1 million

Number of tweets: 4410

Featuring sleek edges, dark backgrounds and galaxy-themed imageries, this account truly shows how Samsung’s products can give you an out-of-this-world experience. A smart move by the South Korean electronics giant is the equal importance given to images and videos tweets in this account. If you think this is another smartphones-only account, then think again. The account also features, with quite some prominence, other Samsung products such as Samsung Gear and accessories.

Starbucks Coffee (@Starbucks)

Number of followers: 11.8 million

Number of tweets: 92812

If you believe Starbucks is all about the ambience and not the coffee, then you will change your mind after seeing this account. Rarely will you find a tweet that does not feature their coffee products in varied and interesting backgrounds. The true efforts of the brand to be seriously considered as a coffee brand can be seen in this account.

Xbox (@Xbox)

Number of followers: 11.5 million

Number of tweets: 167000

The console wars are also fought on Twitter. Don’t believe us? Have a look at Xbox’s account. The brand really knows how to give PlayStation a run for its money. You won’t think of anything other than adventure, speed and mind-blowing battles when you scroll down this account. It’s not a surprise Xbox gets 100 retweets and 500 likes for most of their tweets.

Victoria’s Secret (@VictoriasSecret)

Number of followers: 10.6 million

Number of tweets: 139000

It’s no secret why VS is the most followed apparel brand on Twitter: their account is filled with images that show how their products bring out your beauty. Over the years, the brand has strived to bring more diversity in their tweeted posts – mostly through their models. The account is most active during their highly anticipated fashion shows.

Android (@Android)

Number of followers: 9.5 million

Number of tweets: 4621

Just like its mascot, the Android account is filled with adorable, funny and pastel coloured tweets. You will feel like tagging along the green little mascot on his frequent adventures. The best part of the account could be the importance given to hardwares which support the Android OS.

H&M (@hm)

Number of followers: 8.4 million

Number of tweets: 10540

The surprisingly simple images in this account gives out a very powerful message: a brand is more than its imageries. There is no other way this Swedish clothing retailer would have more than 8 million followers. The account is an ode to the brand’s approachable clothing line and its loyal followers.

Marc Jacobs (@marcjacobs)

Number of followers: 8.3 million

Number of tweets: 20612

Scrolling through this funky Twitter account, it doesn’t take long to see how Marc Jacobs stays young and relevant with the millennials. By featuring models of different ethnicities, music-inspired lifestyles and instant runway shots, this account knows exactly how to get its audience hooked to the brand for the long term.

Rockstar Games (@RockstarGames)

Number of followers: 8.2 million

Number of tweets: 15170

The creators of the iconic game Grand Theft Auto have truly gotten their Twitter game right. Staying true to their best selling game, the account features cars, cars and even more cars. There is never a week when the Turismo doesn’t make a cameo appearance. The brand knows exactly what brought people to its account and does a stunning job of delivering exactly what its audience wants to see.