Vi – Together for tomorrow from Vodafone Idea

Vi - Together for tomorrow from Vodafone Idea

An idea can change your life! Indeed, the telecom company had changed Indian lives since its arrival in 1995. In March 2017, Idea Cellular Limited announced a merger with Vodafone India which got finalised in August 2018. The new company came to be known as Vodafone Idea.

Although the merger left the newly formed brand at a loss of 14 million subscribers, Vodafone Idea decided to take a leap this year to ensure its existence in the market. Now, after two years of the merger, Vodafone Idea has rebranded itself to Vi, which is pronounced as ‘we’. The new identity has made a statement proving the unification of the brands with the tagline ‘Together for Tomorrow’.  

Vodafone Idea

As Ravinder Takkar, the CEO of Vodafone Idea mentioned, the rebranded Vi, is most certainly a fresh start and indeed the culmination of the largest telecom integration in the world. The company aims to reach every corner of India, transforming and evolving the country digitally. The chairman of Vodafone Idea, Kumar Mangalam Birla, pointed out the lack of sufficient network facilities in India where there are more than a billion mobile data users. The rebranding will surely have a dramatic impact on the Indian telecom industry. The brand’s focus on bringing progress to the nation while prospering as a company is bound to transform the Indian rural and urban communities.

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Vodafone Idea’s rebranding venture can also be perceived as a step the company took to survive in the telecom market’s competition which has grown tight in recent years. The brand has also come up with some exciting strategies to encourage the mass to be a part of its reinvention. Vi’s Happy Surprises lets consumers win prizes for spotting its rebranded logo in its app. The company has also included an option for its customers to create unique and customised Vi tunes through a special app. Vodafone Idea’s latest strategies are crafted in a way that is both beneficial and interesting to its customers.

The brand’s reemergence can bring more power, considering the various progressions it has made along with the rebranding. On the other hand, the competition from Bharti Airtel and the leading telecom provider Jio might give the company a tough test in the market even after the rebranding. Nevertheless, Vodafone Idea is determined to stand along with the government to ensure a positive digital evolution in the country. The rebranding of Vi can bring in a difference that ensures its existence in the market where it struggled to keep pace after the merger.