Monzo Unleashes First Brand Campaign ‘Money Never Felt Like Monzo’ in Five Years

UK’s largest digital bank Monzo has leveraged money in its latest campaign, a first in five years, to evoke emotions, stress, and anxiety, but with a twist. The campaign ‘Money Never Felt Like Monzo’ celebrates the way the platform helps people feel better about money.

Directed by Marie Schuller, the 60-second ad film highlights the ease of using the platform through a series of comparisons. The negative and stressful feelings associated with money are transformed into empowering and positive emotions – only through banking with Monzo!

Monzo partnered with creative agency Uncommon Studio for the latest ad. AJ Coyne, Monzo’s VP of marketing, said money evokes a variety of feelings, usually stress, anxiety, and avoidance. “However, our customers tell us that on Monzo money feels different, so much so that they’re seven times more likely to use the word ‘love’ when describing us than any other bank.

“So we are delighted to be painting the UK hot coral and celebrating the fact that money really does feel better on Monzo and look forward to inviting the rest of the UK to join our community of over 9 million users in our hot coral movement.”

Monzo Unleashes First Brand Campaign ‘Money Never Felt Like Monzo’ in Five Years

Nils Leonard, Co-founder of Uncommon Studio, said everyone talks about money. “But we never talk about how money makes us feel. Monzo isn’t just making things easier and innovating in this space, they are looking at the bigger picture. They are helping to renegotiate our relationship with money. And our lives and dreams. Money feels better with Monzo.”

He added that the Uncommon Studio was built for brands that don’t just challenge their categories, but change them forever.

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