BrandAlley Powers Up with ‘Brand Fans’, Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Customer Engagement

BrandAlley, UK’s go-to destination for designer brands, accommodates millions of customers on every campaign and sale. It offers heavy discounts on products and services for a limited time that typically lasts for a few hours or days. However, the campaigns are for members only.

The company launches up to 40 campaigns every day and offers up to 75% off in some of the best brands with the likes of Levi’s, Reiss, and Dyson, among others. To take advantage of these campaigns, interested customers have to sign up (registration is free) to browse the portal and shop.

Michelle Hurney, Head of Marketing at BrandAlley, said BrandAlley is rethinking the way it identifies their best customers. She explained that they want to shift away from the traditional view of the most valuable customers being those who spend the most. BrandAlley believes true value lies in its brand advocates who provide more than just what they’re spending and calls them ‘brand fans’.

Hurney said it about who they’re (brand fans) recommending to BrandAlley. “When they tell their friends and family about our site, that’s where the real value is. Word-of-mouth marketing happens to be one of the most effective ways to acquire new customers.” She highlighted BrandAlley’s Mention Me Advocacy Intelligence platform. “We’re tracking the true economic value or extended customer revenue of our VIPs, the people who are sharing their favorite brands.” As such, BrandAlley engages and rewards them. Hurney said get insights like customers are spending less, and customers from referrals spend more on average and are likely to recommend.

BrandAlley Working with Mention Me

To rope in the brand fans or advocates, BrandAlley is working with SAP partner Mention Me – the world’s first customer advocacy intelligence platform. It utilizes advanced AI technology to track and provide detailed insights about customer advocacy behaviors.

Kat Wray, director of Strategic Partnerships at Mention Me, said their integration feeds Mention Me’s first-party AI-powered advocacy data into SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement in real time to identify BrandAlley’s current and future brand advocates. It will activate them to drive growth. “The combination of advocacy know-how and AI-based insights with SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement have led to a 25% increase of the repeat purchase rate at BrandAlley.”

Wray highlighted that BrandAlley’s customer base has grown with 12% more customers acquired organically through referrals and a whopping £9.6 million increase in new customer revenue.

BrandAlley Powers Up with ‘Brand Fans’, Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Customer Engagement

BrandAlley Customers Are Happy to Recommend

She said advocacy insights impact customer engagements. “Traditionally one would offer a discount code to customer who is about to defect, together with a message along the lines of ‘We’ve not seen you for a while, here’s a discount to come back’,” Wray explained. “Based on advocacy data, we can now see that some of these customers might not be ready to spend but are more than happy to share and recommend the brand to friends instead.”

Mention Me uses AI and machine learning to optimize referrals. It enables marketers to focus their activities on specific customer cohorts.

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