LES MILLS LIVE: Biggest Event of Adidas and Les Mills 2023 World Tour

Adidas and Les Mills showcased the future of training with world-class Les Mills trainers at the LES MILLS LIVE over the weekend. The two sports powerhouses launched some of the most powerful fitness programs, supported by Adidas’ latest strength product innovations, with a focus on building a stronger mind and body for a worldwide community.

Adidas and Les Mills’ partnership took advantage of data gathered from over 4,000 16-24-year-olds to get well-versed with the next-gen community’s training attitudes and behaviors. It established that 71 percent of Gen Z athletes enjoy bodyweight training, 63 percent practice Pilates and 57 percent prefer yoga sessions.

As such, the two brands introduced a new workout LES MILLS SHAPES. Inspired by Pilates, power yoga, and barre, the new workout meets the needs of the next-gen. It has undergone rigorous testing with the next-gen community.


Aimee Arana, Adidas Global, General Manager, Sportswear & Training, said they are committed to helping athletes of all levels to unlock their fitness goals and help feel the positive mental benefits of training. “As we aim to build a community of stronger and happier people together in virtual and IRL spaces and push boundaries on the formats of what a workout can be, we also want to offer specifically tailored products, like the Dropset 2 and Strength collection,” Arana added that they want to innovate the way one experience fitness.

Clive Ormerod, Les Mills Group CEO, said it’s fitting and special to unveil the next phase of the collaboration with Adidas. “Acknowledging the changing needs of Movers, we’re creating innovative new training programs to meet the expectations of the next generation. We know the best workout is the one you actually do, so this partnership is built to deliver community, fitness, and joy. We channeled this sentiment to build LES MILLS SHAPES presented with Adidas.” The executive said Les Mills will continue to innovate to provide inspiring new experiences with Adidas.

Furthermore, the partnership will offer members of Adidas’s free global membership program.

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