Cheer for All Sports: Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Revolutionary Campaign to Celebrate Indian Athletes

Cadbury Dairy Milk, in partnership with Ogilvy India, has launched its latest campaign, #CheerForAllSports, to bring India together to support Indian athletes competing in other sports during the upcoming IPL. Let’s know about this campaign, its objectives, and how people can participate and support Indian athletes. Campaign Objectives The main aim of Cadbury Dairy Milk’s […]

No Crypto Bowl: Crypto Out from Super Bowl LVII?

Super Bowl LVII Brand The Change

The Super Bowl is the most watched and expensive advertising event of the year. However, the valuations of numerous cryptocurrency businesses have decreased since February. In November of that year, FTX, a market leader, went from being a $32 billion business with a substantial marketing budget to declaring bankruptcy just four days later. Other advertisers […]

Let’s Welcome a Brand New Year: Six Branding Ideas for 2023

Over the years, brands have sought to meet the needs of people and offer meaningful experiences. Even though a number of factors may influence branding trends, one thing is sure: your brand will have to live up to its values in the future. As consumers become more dissatisfied with brand actions and inactions (sometimes louder), […]