How Brands Can Make It Profitable in Challenging Times?

inflation brand the change

Consumers are concerned about inflation since their income won’t go as far. Brands worry because it reduces their profit margins. The first thing to understand is that Brands cannot use promotion to get themselves out of difficulty. Starting a pricing war accelerates margin erosion, re-educates consumers about what a category’s appropriate price point is, and […]

The Mailerlite Story: What Happens When You Aren’t The First Mover

What do you do when you are the last one to join the party? What do you do when you don’t have the moolah to outspend your counterparts? What do you do when you are fighting against giants? You choose your battles wisely. Nothing epitomizes that like Mailerlite does. Mailerlite is an email marketing tool […]

Winning bread in the modern era: Modern Foods rebranding story

We all have had a slice of it. It is one of those brands we grew up with. Every Indian would have some day made a meal with a pack of Modern Bread. It was quite a big story when HUL took up this brand and sold later. The brand changed hands, and now it […]

L&T Infotech gets a New Brand Identity

In keeping with the changing technology landscape, L&T Infotech, India’s 6th largest IT services company, is rebranding itself as LTI. A subsidiary of the Larsen & Toubro Group, L&T Infotech is dropping the ‘IT’ factor from its title. While this looks like a much awaited transformation that started internally 18 months ago, it could also be perceived […]

7 Characteristics of a Strong Brand Strategy

A brand strategy can take as many forms as the number of brands that exist in the world. However, they fulfill certain criteria to successfully reach their brand goals. Here are the 7 most important criteria to check if you have developed a good and effective brand strategy.   1. Provides a clear overall direction […]

How to Create a Strong Brand Strategy in Three Stages

Brand strategies come in all shapes and sizes. Designing one that fits your brand and company goals is one of the most rewarding and profitable assignments you can engage in. You already know why a brand strategy is important. Your next step will be to formulate a compelling brand strategy. Although every company follows a […]

4 Reasons why Brand Strategy is Important for your Company

Brand strategy is such an understated word. As marketers, we sometimes truly do not understand the full extent of the word and often abuse it. Strategy is the overall game plan to reach a long-term goal. For brands, these goals could be anything from increasing brand awareness to expanding market share. A strategy would be […]

The Story Behind Dubai Expo 2020 Logo

The world is looking forward to 2020, for many reasons, and the main one for traders and buyers is definitely the Expo 2020. This time happening in Dubai, and hence will become the most popular World Fair since its inception, the new logo was unveiled by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of […]

Is your Brand a Hero, Lover or a Rebel?

Coke inspires. Patagonia awakens the explorer and begs us to experience the natural world. Victoria’s Secret evokes the seductive lover when we buy sexy lingerie. Nike fuels greatness, and charity: water makes us want to donate our birthday money to help change lives. To the casual consumer, the power that some brands hold seems like […]

Medium has a New Brand Identity

Ever since Medium first launched in beta three years ago, it has sported a logo that is simple, elegant, and strong, big, bold, black-and-white slab-serif M, from the font Stag. It served them well through their first few years, but as Medium has grown and evolved, the logo has begun to feel flat, impenetrable, blunt, […]