TikTok Offers New Premium Ad Product to Position Brand Ads Directly

TikTok partners with ‘Pulse Premiere’

TikTok has a new premium ad product “Pulse Premiere” in offering for marketers for the first time, to position their ads directly in over a dozen categories, including entertainment, sports, education and lifestyle etc. With “Pulse Premiere”, advertisers can display their advertisements alongside TikTok clips in the top 4 per cent of performers on any […]

Will Brands Be Able to Retain Customers After TikTok Ban

TikTok partners with ‘Pulse Premiere’

In recent years, TikTok has garnered popularity as the “it” social media platform for the common men and brand names to be with it short-form videos. Marketers transformed this platform into an “it platform” for companies to conduct their social media campaigns. TikTok has made a mark for itself in over 150 countries and 1 […]

Turn Your Back: How Dove’s Campaign is Challenging Beauty Standards on Social Media?

Turn Your Back: How Dove's Campaign is Challenging Beauty Standards on Social Media

Dove, the personal care brand famous for its branding campaigns promoting positive body image, has rolled out a new influencer-led campaign dubbed #TurnYourBack as a response to TikTok‘s Bold Glamour filter. The Bold Glamour filter, which has already been downloaded more than 16 million times since its release last month, has been criticized for promoting […]