‘It’s All On Your Doorstep’: Deliveroo Celebrates Neighborhood Eateries in a Fun Way

Deliveroo has come up with a new global brand positioning “It’s All On Your Doorstep” to celebrate neighborhood eateries in a fun way. The British online food delivery company partnered with Pablo London to highlight Deliveroo’s role at the epicenter of local food scenes around the world.

It’s All On Your Doorstep demonstrates Deliveroo’s understanding of global food neighborhoods that feel local, but could be anywhere. The campaign is a mixed-media approach that brings local neighborhoods to life in a way that everyone in the world can enjoy.

Sophie Laghzaoui, Deliveroo’s director of marketing, global brand strategy, and campaigns, said the company’s new positioning aims to reflect consumers’ evolving food and grocery delivery behaviors. “It was inspired by research that found that they were becoming more locally motivated, in the face of increasingly homogenous service. Whichever neighborhood you live in, one of the most exciting things about it is the local food scene. From London to Dubai, Paris to Hong Kong, what connects us all is a shared love of food.” She said Deliveroo gives customers a portal to discover the best food experiences available on their doorstep, and that’s what inspired Deliveroo’s new global brand platform.

Dan Watts, Pablo executive creative director, believes great food is what really makes the neighborhood. “So get your fork out and explore what’s outside your front door. You don’t even need to leave your sofa thanks to Deliveroo. Win. Win. It’s been great fun working with the entire Deliveroo team on this juicy new campaign.”

The campaign features diverse and unique characters, each stylized around their love for food, in settings alive with flavor. Hidden gems lie around each corner waiting to be discovered with big brand favorites.

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