Child’s Designs Feature on Hot Wheels Proton Saga Packaging

In a groundbreaking move, Hot Wheels, the iconic toy car manufacturer, is set to introduce Proton Saga Packaging featuring designs created by children for the very first time. The announcement comes as part of the 40th-anniversary celebration of Mattel Malaysia, the subsidiary responsible for producing Hot Wheels products in the country.

The unveiling of the child-designed packaging was the result of the much-anticipated Hot Wheels x PROTON Kids Design Competition. The competition aimed to spark the creativity and imagination of young designers aged 5 to 12 years, inviting them to submit their original artwork for the Proton Saga packaging. Participants were encouraged to let their imaginations run wild and create captivating designs that would resonate with kids and collectors alike.

The competition, held across schools nationwide, witnessed an overwhelming response, with thousands of entries pouring in from all corners of Malaysia. The quality and originality of the submissions left the judging panel both impressed and delighted with the enthusiasm displayed by the young artists.

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Saw Jane Harn’s hand-drawn artwork will be featured on Hot Wheels die-cast packaging. The nine-year-old design will be printed on the special edition Hot Wheels Proton Saga, which will be available for purchase nationwide in 2024. Saw Jane’s artwork celebrates a range of Malaysia’s natural features and achievements, from the rhinoceros hornbill and hibiscus to the country’s national bird and flower, and the National Monument.

Murat Ariksoy, general manager of Mattel South Asia, said Hot Wheels, for over 50 years, has been known for igniting the challenger spirit that lives within every kid to help them reach their true potential. The Mattel team is working to bring new and thrilling experiences to develop kills’ skills and confidence to take on the world by combining competition, experimentation, and creativity.

The Hot Wheels x PROTON Kids Design Competition serves as a platform for nurturing young talent and fostering a sense of ownership and pride in the local automotive industry. It also reflects Mattel Malaysia’s commitment to promoting creativity and innovation among Malaysia’s youth.

The spokesperson for PROTON said the company believes creativity knows no bounds, and children have a unique way of seeing the world. “By collaborating with Hot Wheels on this competition, we hope to inspire the next generation of designers, artists, and innovators in Malaysia. We are proud to be part of this initiative that celebrates the spirit of creativity and the power of imagination,” said a spokesperson from PROTON.”

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The winning designs will be adapted into the packaging for the limited-edition Proton Saga die-cast cars, which will hit the shelves in 2024. The release is expected to generate excitement among both collectors and children, making it a must-have addition to any Hot Wheels collection.

As the release date approaches, Mattel Malaysia and PROTON are gearing up to host a series of events to showcase the winning designs, recognize the talented young artists, and commemorate this historic collaboration.

The Hot Wheels Proton Saga Packaging featuring child-designed artwork is not only an innovative marketing strategy but also a tribute to the boundless imagination and creativity of Malaysia’s young generation. It is expected to become a collector’s item and remains highly anticipated by Hot Wheels enthusiasts and automotive aficionados nationwide.

With the 40th-anniversary celebrations in full swing, this collaboration between Hot Wheels and PROTON sets the stage for an exciting new chapter in the toy car industry, promising more groundbreaking initiatives to come.

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