Honda Goes ‘Thin, Light and Wise’ for New EVs – Space-Hub and Saloon

Honda Motor has given a peak of its new lineup of EVs– the Honda 0 Series. The Japanese carmaker will launch the new series globally starting in 2026, with the world premiere of the concept models Space-Hub and Saloon at the CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada in the US.

The Honda 0 Series, as per the press release, is a new EV series that symbolizes how the company is undergoing a major transformation in line with its Global Brand Slogan “The Power of Dreams – How we move you”, and electrification policy. According to its global brand slogan, Honda will always be driven by dreams. Honda, by creating new value through creative thinking from zero, will provide experiences that will become a new starting point for its customers – this is how the company will move people and their hearts.

Honda said the series name represents Honda’s determination to take on this challenge of developing new EV series by going back to the starting point of Honda as an automaker and creating completely new EVs from ‘zero’.

Honda Saloon concept electric vehicle

The carmaker aims to strive with the new EV series and create completely new electric vehicles from zero. The company will further advance its “M/M concept” and the joy of driving, and take the joy and freedom of mobility to even greater heights. Moreover, Honda is determined to achieve “zero environmental impact” throughout the vehicle’s life cycle, including corporate activities, and zero traffic collision fatalities involving Honda motorcycles and automobiles.

Honda describes its new approach to EV development as thin, light, and wise. It achieves “Thin” through augmenting design potential, including styling with a low vehicle height and realizing excellent aerodynamic performance by utilizing a thin dedicated EV platform to create a low floor height.

For “Light”, Honda is realizing sporty driving and electricity efficiency performance that defy the established beliefs people have about EVs through Honda’s original technologies created by going back to the starting point of Honda as an automaker. And “Wise” – realizing Honda’s original software-defined mobility products by leveraging the knowledge the company has amassed to date, and by making cars wiser through the advancement of intelligent technologies.


Furthermore, Honda’s design concept is “The Art of Resonance”. Under the theme of resonance with the environment, society, and users, the carmaker will offer sustainable mobility products that evoke resonance in people who see them and expand the possibilities of people’s daily lives.

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