Ronaldinho and Modern Football Stars Unite in Nike’s ‘Awaken Your Madness’ Ad

UEFA Euro 2024 have begun, and the brands have already stepping up to promote their brands during the big game. The most prominent among them every year will be Nike. Following the tradition, Nike‘s latest commercial, titled ‘Awaken Your Madness’ brings together the legendary Ronaldinho and modern football stars in a captivating display of talent and passion. This ad delves into the connection between genius and madness, showcasing the extraordinary lengths these players go to excel on the field. Let’s explore the adrenaline-fueled world of Nike’s “Awaken Your Madness” ad and its impact on football enthusiasts and aspiring players.

Unleashing Football Insanity

The commercial takes viewers on a thrilling journey, capturing the dedication and drive of modern football stars. From their early years, the ad highlights the players’ unique tactics, superstitions, and extreme health techniques that contribute to their exceptional performance. With its glitchy and dynamic visuals, the commercial builds up to a stadium scene where Ronaldinho, the ‘godfather of footballing brilliance,’ meets the rising stars. This moment emphasizes the true essence of footballing madness and the exhilaration of performing when the world is watching.

The Impact of ‘Awaken Your Madness’ during Euro 2024

Although Nike is not an official sponsor of Euro 2024, the release of the commercial during the tournament adds an extra layer of excitement and intrigue. As football fans enjoy the tournament, the presence of Ronaldinho and the inspiration drawn from modern football stars in the ad will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. The ad not only showcases the talent of these players but also reinforces Nike’s commitment to the sport and its ability to captivate audiences worldwide. Fans can catch the ‘Awaken Your Madness’ ad online and across Nike’s social channels. 

Ronaldinho and Modern Football Stars Unite in Nike's 'Awaken Your Madness' Ad

Ideation and Creation

Wieden+Kennedy London, the masterminds behind the campaign, dared to challenge conventions. They shattered the lens, creating a new vision—a less literal approach that resonates with football’s mad pursuit of greatness.

Embracing the Link Between Genius and Madness

Nike’s ‘Awaken Your Madness’ ad delivers a powerful message about the connection between genius and madness in the world of football. By uniting Ronaldinho’s legendary status with the game’s rising stars, the commercial emphasizes the relentless pursuit of greatness and the unwavering passion it takes to succeed. Nike inspires football enthusiasts of all levels to push their limits, embrace their passion, and awaken their own unique madness on and off the field.

Ronaldinho and Modern Football Stars Unite in Nike's 'Awaken Your Madness' Ad


Nike’s commercial featuring Ronaldinho and several of the modern football stars highlights the remarkable dedication people exhibit to achieve greatness. Released during Euro 2024 and the upcoming Copa América, the ad resonates globally, inspiring aspiring footballers and reinforcing Nike’s commitment to athletes at all levels.

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