Colgate Goes Toothless With Clutter-Breaking ‘DaantonkaPoshan’ Campaign

Colgate Goes Toothless

Acknowledging the tremendous growth in India’s oral care market, Colgate-Palmolive has relaunched “Colgate Strong Teeth” toothpaste, with cutting-edge arginine technology. But unlike previous campaigns, Colgate has gone toothless! The ad features a toothless grandmother. Colgate wanted to create a new narrative, create something refreshing while landing a preparation that is truly relevant. The ad’s target […]

Experience The Next Level of VR/AR/XR Marketing at Laval Virtual 2023

Laval Virtual, Europe’s leading virtual and augmented reality conference is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year with its annual conference dedicated to immersive technologies, including virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. Every year this exceptional event brings together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts from around the globe to explore the latest immersive technologies reshaping […]

When ChatGPT Takes the Tech World by Storm: Here’s How Microsoft and Google Responded

OpenAl‘s ChatGPT, a conversational Al model designed to generate natural language, is making waves in the tech industry because of its impressive language processing capabilities. The technology that powers ChatGPT isn’t revolutionary, but OpenAl’s decision to make it available freely on the web exposed millions to this innovative approach. Seeing its global impact, Google and […]

These Four Tips Will Help Brands Boost Sales with ChatGPT and OpenAI

chatGPT, openAI

The newsfeeds of marketers have recently been dominated by AI technologies like chatGPT, openAI, and DALL-E. More businesses are searching for creative methods to use the instrument to their benefit going forward as a result of their distinctive capabilities garnering media attention. All data lovers and marketing experts would be curious about how marketers can […]

Energising Abu Dhabi the Mubadala Way

Mubadala Energy Brand The Change

Abu Dhabi is going green with regards to energy transactions when International Mubadala Petroleum gets rebranded to Mubadala Energy last month. This transformation which is inline with their 2030 strategy, is aiming at investment opportunities in blue hydrogen and carbon capture.     With a working interest production of over 430,000 barrels of oil equivalent […]

Can hologram projection be the next generation marketing technique?

Ever thought of watching your favourite football match in your home, in real time with all the world-class players in your ground while you cheer for them? Or about watching a movie on the massive screen without actually going to the movies?Or what if a virtual person could lead you to your destination than that […]