Pizza Anywhere: Domino’s Launches Integrated Campaign for Pinpoint Delivery

Domino’s Pizza is taking convenience and innovation to the next level with the launch of its new ‘Pinpoint Delivery’ feature. Pinpoint Delivery allows customers to have their pizza delivered to practically any location they choose by dropping a pin on the Domino’s app map. Let’s know more about this feature from the famous Pizza brand.

Pinpoint Delivery: Empowering Customers with Convenience

Domino’s introduces Pinpoint Delivery, an advanced technology that allows users of their app to drop a pin on a map and have their pizza delivered right to that location. This innovative feature offers customers unparalleled convenience and flexibility when it comes to enjoying their favorite Domino’s pizzas.

How Pinpoint Delivery Works?

Gone are the days of being limited to a physical address for your delivery. Now, you can enjoy your Domino’s pizza at the beach, in the park, or just about anywhere else your heart desires. Pinpoint Delivery builds upon Domino’s previous ‘Hotspots’ feature which provided delivery to over 150,000 non-traditional locations. However, with Pinpoint Delivery the possibilities are endless.


Domino’s collaborated with Google Maps to enable Pinpoint Delivery and allow customers to drop a pin anywhere on the map to indicate their delivery spot. Pinpoint Delivery also incorporates other tech innovations Domino’s is known for, such as live order tracking so you know exactly when your pizza will arrive and text alerts to keep you up to date on your order status.

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An Integrated Campaign to Showcase Pinpoint Delivery

To spread the word about this new innovative feature, Domino’s launched an integrated marketing campaign along with their agency of record, WorkInProgress. The campaign, which runs through August, includes new television spots featuring “piedivers” parachuting in to deliver pizza as well as efforts across digital and social media channels. Pinpoint Delivery is the perfect feature to promote during the summer season when people are out enjoying parks, beaches, and other outdoor locations.

Final Take

Domino’s is always on the cutting edge of technology and finding new ways to deliver convenience and value to their customers. Pinpoint Delivery is the latest example of how this e-commerce and pizza powerhouse continually pushes the envelope. No longer are you limited to couches and dining room tables – you can now get Domino’s pizza delivered virtually anywhere. With the convenience of dropping a pin on a map, tracking their order, and receiving updates, Domino’s is redefining the pizza delivery experience.

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