BBMAK Resurrects Bumble Bee’s ‘Back Here’ with ‘Snack Meal, Baby!’: Nostalgia

Yesteryear’s popular boy band BBMAK, with Mark Barry, Christian Burns and Stephen McNally, is back with Bumble Bee for a nostalgic remix ‘Snack Meal, Baby’. The group reimagined the popular 1999 hit Back Here for Bumble Bee, America’s canned tuna and seafood brand. Back Here was the band’s biggest hit song ever.

Mark Barry, BBMAK, says partnering with Bumble Bee felt like a match made in heaven – BB Snack and BBMAK. “We had a blast re-recording Back Here and keeping the original melody while adding new tuna themed snack meal lyrics. Not to mention the treat of being able to try every flavor of Bumble Bee tuna pouches…it’s a tough call but my new personal favorite is the Applewood Smoke…so much flavor!”

Dana Kowal, Senior Brand Marketing Director at Bumble Bee, says hearing the hit song from the past like Back Here brings a wave of happy memories. “You just can’t help but sing along. That’s how people feel about Bumble Bee tuna too – sometimes just taking a bite reminds you just how yummy it is. By partnering with BBMAK, we’re bringing back that feel-good nostalgia and encouraging millennials to give our protein packed, super affordable superfood a try.”

In Snack Meal, Baby the BBMAK trio crave Bumble Bee tuna and ditch their other snacks, in favor of the high-quality, great tasting protein snack. The campaign features a variety of fan-favorite Bumble Bee products, including the classic product that all millennials will remember – Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore Tuna in Water and the growing line of Bumble Bee Wild-Caught Tuna Pouches in innovative flavors like Applewood Smoke, and Bumble Bee Snack on the Run, Tuna Salad Kits in new Ranch flavor – perfect for on-the-go snack meals.

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