Lionsgate Partners With AI Photo Editing App for ‘The Expendables’ Franchise

Lionsgate has joined forces with PhotoRoom, an AI-based photo editing app to launch the official filter for the fourth installment of The Expendables franchise. With this AL-powered selfie generator, fans can recreate themselves in the image of their favorite Expendables.

The immersive, free tool uses PhotoRoom’s leading generative AI technology. The AI generator removes the original background and makes users part of the elite team! Through PhotoRoom’s technology, Lionsgate can create an easy, instant way for fans to recreate their own versions of the movie’s explosive posters with the same quality as the promotional posters for the film’s cast.

Matthieu Rouif, CEO of PhotoRoom, said The Expendables team makes the exceptional look easy. “We wanted to provide fans with the same superior experience. Since the franchise was first launched 11 years ago, The Expendables has built a loyal fan base who is eagerly anticipating the next chapter. The filter has heralded a new era of user-generated content giving everyone an opportunity to engage with the film creativity while they wait for their favorite action-thriller.”

Met deze generator sta je als brute actieheld op een filmposter van The Expend4bles - FHM

Sherry Voong, Manager of Digital Marketing at Lionsgate, said they knew PhotoRoom’s technology would deliver an exceptional product for Lionsgate to build excitement for the upcoming release. “There is a cult-like quality to our Expendables fanbase and it’s important that we engage with them in unexpected ways, making them feel deeply connected to the franchise for years to come. This filter will do that and more!”

PhotoRoom has also worked with Warner Bros to create the viral “Barbie Selfie Generator” and Netflix to promote the latest season of Black Mirror. Lionsgate chose to partner with PhotoRoom because of its speed of implementation, ability to handle a large volume of calls, and the professional quality of its user-generated output.

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