Navigating Humanity Through Design: Key Moments at Design Miami/Design Week 2023

Design Miami 2023

Design Miami, the iconic fair celebrating collectible design, has returned for its 19th edition. The 2023 edition of the design event will feature over 40 gallery and Curio presentations and more than 20 brand collaborations. Let’s explore the fascinating projects and installations that have captured the spotlight at this year’s Design Miami/ fair, offering a glimpse into the innovative and thought-provoking world of design.

Design Miami
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Themes of Place, Community, and Heritage

This year’s theme  “Where We Stand” set the stage for the event and was an exploration of design’s role in reflecting and responding to the world, from joyful personal expression to socially conscious reactions to contemporary issues.

Design Miami
A Subtle Alchemy by Dan Lam. Photo by Kevin Todora

Curated by Anna Carnick, the 2023 fair invites visitors to consider how design can help us navigate challenging times by fostering connection and understanding. She explains how the theme Where We Stand’ invites visitors to consider how design might help us navigate “complex and far too often divided moments” by allowing them to “access one another’s humanity”. She also notes how the chosen objects from around the globe are inspired by narratives of place, community, and heritage and hope that this year’s fair will “spark thoughtful conversations about the ties that bind us and how they might inform our paths forward”.

Design Miami
The Future Perfect booth at Design Miami 2023. Photo by Joseph Kramm

Gallery Highlights and Inspirations

The galleries at Design Miami/ 2023 have brought forth a captivating array of design pieces that blur the lines between creative disciplines and pay homage to cultural traditions. From Carpenters Workshop Gallery‘s striking One-Seater Concrete tree to Southern Guild’s sculptural seating pods by Porky Hefer, each exhibit tells a unique story rooted in heritage, community, and artistic vision. Meanwhile, London’s Gallery Fumi offers a whimsical journey with pieces that embody fantasy and functionality, including illuminated sculptures and sturdy cardboard chairs that defy expectations.

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Gallery Fumi
London’s Gallery Fumi

Immersive Curios and Special Projects

Immersive Curios at Design Miami/ are a sight to behold. Aqua Creation, a studio inspired by the natural world, presents its “Bodies of Water” collection. This collection draws attention to the environmental issues threatening freshwater and saltwater ecosystems. One of the standout pieces is the “Lake Victoria Wall Light”, adorned in the studio’s signature Coal silk colour. This piece serves as a stark reminder of the impact of human activity on natural habitats.

Image courtesy: James Harris

Rademakers Gallery offers a sensory sanctuary with Rive Roshan’s ‘Space in Between’ solo exhibition. The duo’s exploration of light, movement, and reflection transforms their Curio booth into a tranquil haven. Visitors are invited to contemplate their surroundings and find peace amidst the chaos.

Design Miami
Rive Roshan at Rademakers Gallery. Image courtesy of Rademakers Gallery

Special and Partner Projects also make a significant impact in the design event. Maison Perrier-Jouët, in collaboration with Mexican artist Fernando Laposse, presents the “Pollination Dance” installation. This immersive experience highlights the vital role of pollinators and the interconnectedness of our ecosystem, reflecting the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Design Miami
Pollination Dance by Fernando Laposse. Image courtesy:

Aman Interiors makes its debut at Design Miami/ with a collaboration with Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. Their new furniture collection, “Migumi”, is inspired by the interplay of light and wood. The elegant and minimalist pieces emphasize our connection to our environment, showcasing the brand’s commitment to luxury and sustainability.

Design Miami
Migumi Furniture collection from Aman Interiors. Photo credits:

Miami Art Week 2023

Miami Art Week promises a wealth of other captivating design installations waiting to be discovered. From interactive experiences that blur the lines between art and technology to thought-provoking pieces that address critical social issues, prepare to be surprised and challenged by the artistry on display.

Few Must-See Design Installations at Miami Art Week 2023

Miami Art Week comes a vibrant tapestry of art, culture, and design. Beyond the canvases and sculptures, this year’s festivities boast a remarkable collection of design installations that promise to spark awe and ignite imagination. Here are a few picks.

1) MAZE: Journey Through the Algorithmic Self by Sebastian Errazuriz:

Step into a labyrinthine world crafted by Chilean designer Sebastian Errazuriz. This immersive installation utilizes mirrors and steel to create a mesmerizing maze that reflects and distorts your perception. As you navigate the intricate pathways, consider the ever-present influence of algorithms and technology on our lives.

Design Miami
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2) Gustaf Westman x The Standard Spa:

Swedish artist Gustaf Westman transforms The Standard Spa into an ethereal sanctuary. His light-filled installation, aptly titled “Sanctuary,” features biomorphic sculptures and cascading water, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity. This is an invitation to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with your inner self.

Design Miami
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3) Tilly Tabot’s First US Show

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of AI-powered artist Tilly Tabot. Her debut US exhibition features an otherworldly landscape populated by fantastical creatures and vibrant colors. Through intricate textures and mesmerizing patterns, Tabot questions the boundaries between reality and simulation, challenging our perception of what is real and what is artificial.

The Tilly A.I. Design Collection, featuring Polar Bear with Cadrys and Gus with PLP Architects and Magical Mushroom Company. Photo: Peer Lindgreen for Studio Snoop.

4) Andrés Reisinger’s From Pixels to Physicality

Witness the digital realm materialize in the captivating work of Andrés Reisinger. This renowned digital artist presents his first physical sculpture, a mesmerizing object that bridges the gap between the digital and the physical. The piece, titled “Untitled (Metamorphosis),” will undoubtedly spark curiosity and ignite conversations about the future of art in a technological age.

Untitled (Metamorphosis). Photo courtesy: Andrés Reisinger

The Takeaway

Design Miami/ Design Week 2023 offers a captivating journey through the world of contemporary design, prompting introspection and dialogue about the role of design in navigating the complexities of our time. From socially conscious installations to playful artistic expressions, the fair showcases the transformative power of design to bridge divides and spark meaningful conversations.


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